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Tapping History:
Pints & Reflections on Lake Minnetonka's Past

Excelsior in the ‘60s: Epicenter of Twin Cities Teen Life

Monday, February 9 - 7PM,
Excelsior Brewery - 421 Third Street, Excelsior

Between Danceland, the amusement park, and the sprawling public beach and Commons on Lake Minnetonka, Excelsior provided diversions aplenty for Twin Cities youth back in the ‘60s and early ‘70s.

Daniel Gabriel lived in the village in those years and has written extensively on the scene. Learn about Baldies and Battles of the Bands, about long-dismantled rides and legends of the Fun House.

Gabriel’s unpublished novel, Paradiso, is set in Excelsior and built around these very topics.

Excelsior Commons
Monday, March 9 - 7PM
Excelsior Brewery - 421 Third Street, Excelsior

Generations have cherished Excelsior’s public commons fronting Lake Minnetonka. Since the founding of Excelsior, the area designated as the Commons has expanded greatly and has been host to a number of structures, businesses, and activities.The boundaries of the Commons, as well as the revolving public/private partnerships proposed for it throughout the years, have long been a subject of controversy among its stakeholders.

Historian Scott D. McGinnis, author of Excelsior’s Waterfront: The History of the Excelsior Commons  and Excelsior Docks, will detail the history of this unique parcel of land. Hear about the pavilions, bath  houses, water attractions, boat services, docks, and boat works once on the Commons, and its use as a campground and beer garden.

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