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Tapping History:
Pints & Reflections on Lake Minnetonka's Past

Coyote Lost at Sea

Special date: Tuesday, December 23 - 7PM,
Excelsior Brewery - 421 Third Street, Excelsior

Deephaven native Mike Plant was one of the most exciting and daring round-the-world solo sailors of his time. In 1992, while preparing to compete in his fourth single-handed circumnavigation aboard his boat "Coyote," Plant departed New York for the starting line of the Vendée Globe race in France. But he never arrived, and a turtled "Coyote" was discovered 32 days later.

Plant’s sister Julia admired him but eventually withdrew from his life. Years after his death, she told his complicated story in a 2013 book. He spent many of his teen years and twenties as a miscreant, but grew up to be a sailing legend. Her account gives a vivid, raw portrait of him, and her insight into his personality and his fearlessness helps us understand why he took such a gamble with a boat like "Coyote." She paints a well-defined picture of Mike’s last days, a mystery that has intrigued the sailing world for more than two decades.

Tales of Tonka Bay
Monday, January 12th - 7PM
Excelsior Brewery - 421 Third Street, Excelsior

Long before the village now known as Tonka Bay incorporated, the forests dividing the upper and lower lakes of Minnetonka were filled with Apple orchards. It was here that one of the areas early pioneers, Stephen Hull, made the first cut connecting the lakes, known as Hull's Narrows.

An eccentric pioneer apple grower, a fervent religious community, and one of Minnetonka’s “big three” hotels were all part of nineteenth century Tonka Bay. The twentieth century saw a scheme to build a bridge from West Point to Big Island, the celebrated arrest of Frank Lloyd Wright, and the flourishing of the legendary Vern West.  

Maravelas will discuss the history of this nearly lake-locked patch of land, from the Narrows, the Tonka Bay Boat Works and the boats built there, to the Everglades Estates, a real estate development based on man-made canals.

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